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The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: April 13, 2013

Floyd Radio Show, April 13, 2013

Season 2, Episode 8 Guests: Bukuru and friends, Liam Kelly, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fort Vause, Stewart Scales Hosts: Elizabeth LaPrelle, Anna Roberts-Gevalt Anna & Elizabeth present a musical review of bands named after buildings; the fantastic tale of how Jack gambled with devils, caught death in a sack, and saved a princess; work songs through the … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: March 9, 2013

The Floyd Radio Show

Season 2, Episode 7 Musical guests The Little River Missionary Baptist Church Choir from Floyd, Virginia; The White Top Mountain Band of Grayson County, Virginia; and the cello-playing Liske-Doorandishes from Blacksburg, Virginia. Agent Martha Spencer goes undercover in Moscow to recover The Russian Ruby. What Southwest Virginia is like with no young people, and what … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: February 9, 2013

Floyd Radio Show, February 9, 2013

Season 2, Episode 6 Musical guests Hugh & Zane Campbell from Baltimore, Maryland; Ada Sherman of Troy, Virginia; Scott Perry from Floyd, Virginia. Voice acting and storytelling by Shawanda Williams of Blacksburg, Virginia. The wild tale of cattle-rustling, crime, and punishment that leads to Hugh and Zane playing the Floyd Radio Show. The history of … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: January 12, 2013

Floyd Radio Show, January 12, 2013

Season 2, Episode 5 Musical guests The Black Twig Pickers (Blacksburg, VA), John Lilly (Charleston, WV), and Catherine Planet (Quebec) with Adam Doucet (Louisiana), Joe Dejarnette (Floyd, VA). Chris Owen (Kentucky) on sound effects & voice acting. Stories: The hardships endured by a celebrity yodeler.  The tragic life of Hank Williams. Why the most desirable … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: December 8, 2012

Floyd Radio Show, December 8, 2012

Season 2, Episode 4 With musical guests Kay Justice (Wytheville), Alice Gerrard (Greensboro, NC), Eddie Bond and Josh Ellis (Fries) with Carl Jones (Galax), Rebecca & Us (Floyd). Scenes of the holiday season in Floyd (including the sour Mrs. Pendergrass). The Appalachian Nutcracker Suite with the Waltz of the Mustard Greens. Eddie tells a story … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: November 10, 2012

Floyd Radio Show, November 10, 2012

Season 2, Episode 3 East Kentucky band Rich & The Poor Folk, with ace banjo players Brett Ratliff and John Haywood, balladeer Rich Kirby and songwriter Nate Polly; Junk DNA—Blacksburg’s tap-dancingest, ukeleliest novelty song band. The retelling of the myth of Persephone—set, in the hills. Albums Available From This Month’s Guests

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: October 13, 2012

The Floyd Radio Show, October 13, 2012

Season 2, Episode 2 With North Carolina band The Buckstankle Boys, all dressed in ties and suits, Floyd’s own Mac & Jenny Traynham, and ace storyteller Jimmy Costa with more stories of the old days. A skit of epic proportions—follow our musicians, on their quest for the High Lonesome Sound. Albums Available From This Month’s … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: September 8, 2012

The loyd Radio Show, September 8, 2012

Season 2, Episode 1 With musical guests, country Singer Karen Collins, all the way from Baltimore and local favorite Janet Turner, and stringband the Crooked Road Ramblers. A tale of mistaken identity, identical voices, and the quest for fame; updates from the summer in Floyd including Joe Biden’s visit, and news of New York’s newest … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: May 5, 2012

The Floyd Radio Show

Season 1, Episode 9 Musical guests: Pete Winne (New York City) & Joe Overton (Charlottesville), Steve & Penny Kilby (Mouth of Wilson, VA), Stewart Scales, Sandy LaPrelle Stories: Our skit takes us to the wild west, as Anna searches for the funniest joke in the world: singing cowboys, shootouts, chickens, the whole nine yards. Stories … read more

The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: April 7, 2012

The Floyd Radio Show, April 7, 2012

Season 1, Episode 8 Musical guests: Round Peak Ramblers (Mount Airy, NC), Carol Elizabeth Jones (Lexington, VA), Lightning Jack (Floyd), Stewart Scales, Local poets Mara Robbins & Leigh Rainey Stories: The Poetry Olympics, with Emily Dickenson on Ice, a real Poetry Slam and the Edgar Allan Poe Vault. Poetry from some of Floyd’s finest. Ballads—condensed … read more