About Floyd

Blue Ridge Parkway

For over a century . . . 

the country store has served as a gathering place. A stone’s throw from Floyd County’s only traffic light, the store is at the heart of this vibrant community.

Located on a high plateau of the Blue Ridge, the county of Floyd has a gently beauty and charm. It is a good location for walking, biking and other outdoor activities. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs through the county and we are home to Mabry Mill, the most visited site on the Parkway.

Artisan MarketStill a quiet rural community rooted in tradition and blessed with a spirit of independence, Floyd is home to a unique mix of people: descendents of settlers from the mid-18th century, back-to-landers of the 1960’s and 70’s, and an ever growing stream of artists, young farmers and escapees from the pressures of city living.

The diverse strands of community are woven together by a shared appreciation of the land, an instinct for creativity and a wish to maintain the quirky appeal of the whole. Now our small downtown is alive with galleries, eating places and a lively community market selling arts and crafts on Friday evenings and local produce on Saturday mornings.

Floyd has a well established art community, and is home to the studios of a group of well respeced  artists and crafts people, as well as to the Jacksonville Arts Center. The Floyd Artisan Trail is a guide to many of the studios and farms of the area.

Jam OutsideThe store continues to be a gathering place for this rich community. Groups come to make music, to play checkers or rook, to listen to one of our series of talks on agricultural and other topics, to use our wireless internet connection or to attend one of the many scheduled events at the store. Check our schedule for details of all the public events happening at the store.

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