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Appalachia Press Cards

Meet John Reburn: The Master Designer and Printmaker Behind Appalachia Press

When you hold an Appalachia Press card in your hands, you know you’re holding something special. The paper, made of Italian cotton, is thick and strong but soft to the touch. The designs, often minimalistically featured against the raw paper background, are aesthetically vintage but full of attitude…

Betty & Jimmy Boothe

Betty and Jimmy Boothe: A Floyd Love Story

There aren’t too many people we know who can say they have been married for 63 years! On this Valentine’s Day we would like to honor Friday Night fixture’s Betty and Jimmy Boothe. This past Friday we asked them if we could share their story today and a little bit of what it takes to make a marriage last.

Peluso Microphone at the Floyd Country Store

Retail Spotlight: Peluso Microphone Lab

Did you know that some of the world’s greatest microphones are built in Floyd County, VA? The Peluso Microphone Lab is located in Floyd, and their mics are sold at The Floyd Country Store!

Joy Jammers Reunion 2022

Joy Jammers Reunion 2022

On Friday, August 12, 2022 the Floyd Country Store held a reunion to celebrate the high school graduation of Kari Kovick’s first group of Joy Jammers Babies Music Class students! Joy Jammers is a weekly group music class for babies, young children and their caregivers…

Lora Slusher

Farewell Lora Slusher

For over 8 years, Lora has been a part of the Floyd Country Store staff family. This month Lora will embark on a journey across the country with a final destination of Alaska, a long way from Floyd. It’s hard to imagine not having her here on a regular basis but we know she will never truly be gone.

Barbara and Skip Pendry

A Love Story: Barbara and Skip Pendry

The Floyd Country Store is celebrating love this Valentine’s Day, and specifically the kind of love that lasts for a lifetime, through thick and thin. Our very own Barbara and Skip Pendry (married 64 years) share their story of just what it takes.

Gourdian Angels Snowmen

The Gourdian Angels

Oftentimes a visitor will walk into the Floyd Country Store and their attention will be immediate caught by a lantern, basket, or a birdhouse expertly crafted out of a hard-shell gourd. These pieces are made by local husband-and-wife duo Jack and Joyce Menefee, otherwise known as The GOURDian Angels.

Floyd Country Store Sunday Jam with Janet Turner

Remembering Janet Turner

Today, we honor the life of Janet Turner, long-time friend and musician who has been a huge part of The Floyd Country Store since the early days. Janet played the Friday Night Jamboree since it started in the mid-80s, and graced us with her autoharp…

Graduate 2020

Celebrating the Graduating Class of 2020

Although we haven’t had all the beautiful smiling faces around us, we have not forgotten the importance of stopping to celebrate and honor those who have accomplished great things.

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