Local Music: Keeping the Tradition Alive


Floyd County has maintained a tradition of music and dancing which continue to be part of family and religious life. Many local churches have strong musical ministries and the gospel music which has been heard for generations is still alive. You can hear some of these gospel musicians at The Floyd Country Store, or out on the street on a warm Friday evening.

Families still encourage youngsters to pick up an instrument, and Floyd has many good teachers of music in the local style. With the advent of The Crooked Road, the Southwest Virginia Heritage Music Trail, locals have renewed their pride in the skills that have been kept alive over the years in the living rooms and back porches of Floyd County.

As for dancing, that goes right along with the music. Clogging and flat footing are passed along from mother to daughter, grandfather to grandson. These styles of dancing are full of energy, and often form part of the percussion for the music of a good dance band.

The Country Store is keeping a record of all the music that is played at the store. We have recently launched a project to make a series of recordings, Live at The Floyd Country Store, featuring some of the special music that is still vibrant in the 21st century. Our first recording features Jim Costa, Mark Campbell and Jim Lloyd and is available at the store or online.

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