The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: April 7, 2012

The Floyd Radio Show, April 7, 2012

Season 1, Episode 8

Musical guests: Round Peak Ramblers (Mount Airy, NC), Carol Elizabeth Jones (Lexington, VA), Lightning Jack (Floyd), Stewart Scales, Local poets Mara Robbins & Leigh Rainey

Stories: The Poetry Olympics, with Emily Dickenson on Ice, a real Poetry Slam and the Edgar Allan Poe Vault. Poetry from some of Floyd’s finest. Ballads—condensed into movie preview versions, so the rest of us can follow them. And, the much appreciated ad for Ballad GPS (oh we wish it were true!).

Hold on hold on you driver dear
While I recalculate
You know that wrong I’d never steer
Nor get you there too late, late, nor get you there too late.

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