The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: February 1, 2014

Floyd Radio Show, April 13, 2013

Season 3, Episode 6

A special Floyd Radio show–two grandchildren of ballad-singers tell about their musical families. Vicki Diane Miller shares stories, songs–and a famous pickle recipe–from her granny Texas Gladden. The cast re-enacts stories from Hobart Smith (Vicki’s great-uncle). Rich Kirby talks about Addie Graham and plays some bluegrass originals with Nate Polly. We learn about Nate’s incredible pinball machine collection. The Black Twig Pickers play old-time tunes, and present a letter about the Elk River and the chemical spill near Charleston, West Virginia, by Mike Costello, director of the WV Wilderness Coalition. We also learn the surprising origin of the square dance call “Duck for the oyster, dive for the clam, shoot the hole in the old tin can”!

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