The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: May 5, 2018

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Season 7, Episode 9

Guests: Richie & Rosie, Five Mile Mountain Road, The Little River Missionary Baptist Church Choir.
Writers: Rob LaPrelle, Jason Dilg, Ralph Berrier.

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show, Five Mile Mountain Road plays Ain’t Going to Work Tomorrow, Under the Double Eagle, Alabama Jubilee and Lilly Dale; Jasper Jenkins unveils its new Household Rags; Richie and Rosie play Glory in the Meeting House, Trouble In Mind, Wings of Coal and Last Train to Rajastan; Richie tells a tale from the Finger Lakes Festival you won’t want to try at home; a local, Savory, tells about some May holidays that get overlooked; The Little River Missionary Baptist Church Choir sings Down by the Wilderness, Lord, Im Glad to Be Here, Lord, I Just Want to Thank You and Im Free.

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