The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: January 7, 2012

The Floyd Radio Show

Season 1, Episode 5

Musical guests: Karen Celia (San Fransisco, CA) & Joseph Decosimo (Durham, NC), Tina Liza Jones & Eric Root (Floyd), Jim Lloyd, Leigh Beamer (Rural Retreat) & Trevor McKenzie (Boone, NC)

Stories: An adventure into a sadly dysfunctional Italian kitchen. The story of Texas Gladden’s elopement—involving a false sewing machine errand, an escape from county jail, and a risqué buggy ride. A story, or was it a joke, from Rural Retreat’s banjo playing barber, Jim Lloyd. And finally, don’t forget: if your feet feel frozen, find a fire in a fireplace. Fix yourself a fine flaggon full of your favorite festive beverage and fling your fears to the floor.

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