The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: March 7, 2015

Anna and Elizabeth 2014

Season 4, Episode 7

Host: Elizabeth LaPrelle
Musical guests: Locust Honey String Band with Sabra Guzman, Jim Lloyd, Chance McCoy, and JP Harris.
Additional voicing by Rob LaPrelle.
Written by Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Elizabeth LaPrelle, and Rob LaPrelle.

In this show: Lloyd’s Angels – a posse of country-music-playing ladies fight crime in Southwest Virginia, blowing the lid of a hand-painted primitive bird house smuggling scheme, landing Chance McCoy and JP Harris in the clink. Stories by Jim Lloyd. At Chateau Morrisette, Hans rallies all the dogs around to go and fetch spring from far across the globe. Doris, Doris, Doris, and Doris’s fine clothes for quadruplets. Jasper Jenkins Jingle Ice Skates.

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