The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: May 3, 2014

The Floyd Radio Show Spring 2014

Season 3, Episode 9

Hosts: Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt
Guests: Alice Gerrard, Cliff Hale, Sandy LaPrelle, Chris Owen

Host Anna Roberts-Gevalt recounts a strange dream, filled with lines from famous musicals. Hans the labrador of Chateau Morrisette deals with a visit from his very traditional mother from France. A kids’ cooking show features the stunning effects of children cooking breakfast for their mothers on Mother’s Day. Cliff Hale tells about his past as a human jukebox. We honor Orlean Puckett, midwife in the New River Valley for 45 years after the Civil War. Jasper Jenkin’s jingle taps accompany graduates with pomp and circumstance. The Blue Mountain School are special guests, with their skit about riding in the car and stories about their moms. Special reporters Bob and Erv head to the Roanoke Strawberry Festival to bring in the delicious facts.

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