The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: April 2, 2016, Part 2

Anna and Elizabeth 2014

Season 5, Episode 8, Part 2 of 2

Hosts: Anna Roberts-Gevalt &  Elizabeth LaPrelle
Guests: Bill & The Belles, The BLT’s (Jon Newlin, Amy Davis & Bob Herring) Iris Newlin and Kinney Rorrer

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show spring breakers reveal why Floyd is the best new destination for students; Jasper Jenkins reveals its new line of UFFaux’s; Jon Newlin talks about his Martin guitar; Back to the Blue Ridge radio show host Kinney Rorrer shares stories and music from Charlie Poole; Iris Newlin and Bill & The Belles help demonstrate how Peluso microphones bring the best in vintage sound to new life; Bill & The Belles tell their dark past where former bandmate Bill has a fascination with bells; Kris Truelson, from Bill & The Belles, tells about his work at The Birthplace of Country Music in Bristol, TN; Anna & Elizabeth sing Fare Thee Well as they wind down their 5 year run as hosts of the Floyd Radio Show.

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