The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: February 1, 2020

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Season 9, Episode 6

Guests: Twin Creeks Stringband, Riley Baugus, Wendy & DeShawn Hickman and New Standard.

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show, Twin Creeks Strinband plays old time tunes such as Sugar Hill, John Brown’s Dream, Black Mountain Rag, Red River Valley and Lee Highway Blues; Jasper Jenkins reveals Seasonal Appropriateness Spray for every holiday; Riley Baugus performs Train on the Island then invites Wendy & DeShawn Hickman up for more tunes such as Little Black Train, The Last Pale Light in the West and I Saw the Light; Jasper Jenkins Insta-Verse 2000 helps people write poetry ; New Standard plays classic bluegrass such as Rough Edges, Tears Falling Like Rain, Long Journey Home; Chris Prillaman talks about Twin Creeks Distillery and the moonshine history of Franklin County, Virginia; Jared Boyd features the County Sales recording of the Camp Creek Boys.

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