The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: January 2, 2016, Part 2

Anna and Elizabeth

Season 5, Episode 5, Part 2 of 2

Host: Anna Roberts-Gevalt & Elizabeth LaPrelle
Guests: Sarah Wood & Thomas Albert, Riley Baugus & Ada Sherman

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show Anna & Elizabeth perform a new tune; in a galaxy far far away (in Floyd) C-Tree-PO, R2-Tree-2, “Banjo” Solo & Chewbacca the Cookie save Planet Floyd from The First Order in an episode of Floyd Wars; Sarah Wood & Thomas Albert perform; Jasper Jenkins reveals its new golashes, accounts of the Floyd Radio Show enjoyed around the world; Peluso Microphones prove again that everything sounds better through a Peluso; Riley Baugus performs and talks about being on the set of Cold Mountain; Hotel Floyd announces its new pool and Ada Sherman performs.

Listen to January 2016 Part 1

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