The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: March 27, 2015, Part 1

Anna and Elizabeth 2014

Special Episode from Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV, March 27, 2015, Part 1 of 2

Hosts: Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt
Guests:  Dave Bing, Mark Payne & Andrew Dunlap – The Yew Piney Trio, Jimmy Costa, Carrie & Michael Kline, Patrick O’Flaherty, Eric Fritzius, Sarah Elkins, Stephen Cohen and Donna McDaniel (from the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center).

In this show: Anna & Elizabeth explore Lewisburg’s dizzying slopes of boutique, newtique and canoe-tique shops. The Yew Piney Trio play …… The cast remembers Gar and Gwen Clingman’s commitment to serving Lewisburg at The Stardust Cafe. Sarah Elkins and Carrie Kline read love letters from Lewisburg’s distant past. Eric Fritzius prepares the audience to reclaim “The Coolest Town” award back from Berlin Maryland, Patrick O’Flaherty sneaks away from the Irish Pub to share a few tunes. West (Virginia) Side Story tells the tale of competing Farmer’s Markets in Lewisburg. Stephen Cohen and Donna McDaniel, from Greenbrier Valley Medical Center share how they serve the community in many ways and end up having to perform a banjo-ectemy on our sound man Joe “Bass” DeJarnette and Anna & Elizabeth sing a few songs from their latest self-titled release.

Listen to Part 2

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