The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: March 4, 2017

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Season 6, Episode 7

​Hosts: ​Sarah Wood & Thomas Albert​
Special Guests: ​The Herald Angels featuring Alice Gerrard, Kay Justice & Gail Gillespie​

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show, ​Alice Gerrard & the Herald Angels perform songs and tunes such as Luther Davis’ version of Sail Away Ladies, Calling Me Home, an Alice Gerrard original song, Cuckoo’s Nest and The Devil Gonna Meet You Down at the Old Still; Sarah & Thomas play songs from their latest recording such as High Top Shoes, Sally Ann and I Didn’t Know the Gun Was Loaded; Sarah Wood interviews Alice Gerrard, Kay Justice and Gail Gillespie about starting and producing The Old Time Herald for many years and discuss its significance and the role of women in Old Time music.

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