The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: May 6, 2017

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Season 6, Episode 9

Hosts: ​Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes.
Special Guests: ​The Downhill Strugglers, The Little River Missionary Baptist Church, Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes & The T-Mart Rounders (Becky Hill, Kevin Chesser & Jesse Milnes).
Writers: Rob LaPrelle and Ralph Berrier.

This episode of the Floyd Radio show is hosted by ​Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes from West Virginia. It features the Downhill Strugglers from Brooklyn, NY who open the show with Roscoe and play their version of Casey Jones; Becky Hill demonstrates Jasper Jenkins Dance Right Magnetic Innersoles; The T-Mart Rounders lend their unique sound of fiddle banjo and feet to classic tunes like The Heel and Toe Polka; The Little River Missionary Baptist Church Choir delivers uplifting gospel songs such as Packing Up (Getting Ready to Go) & Take Me To The Water; Eli Smith talks about the Brooklyn Folk Festival; The Downhill Strugglers play The Lone Prarie & Come to See Me Sometime from their brand new record, Hans, that lovable black lab from Chateau Morissette saves Mothers Day with a karaoke singoff; Jesse and Emily sing Undone in Sorrow, Brownsville and Gunboat; The Little River Missionary Baptist Church close out the show with I Just Want To Praise You & I’m Lifting Up Holy Hands.

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