The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: May 7, 2016, Part 2

Anna and Elizabeth 2014

Season 5, Episode 9, Part 2 of 2

Hosts: Anna Roberts-Gevalt & Elizabeth LaPrelle
Guests: Paul Brown & His Piedmont Pals (Paul Brown, Terri McMurray, Verlin Clifton, Wes Clifton & Joe “Bass” DeJarnette), Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller & The Buck Stops Here & Geoffrey Gevalt

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show NPR Host Paul Brown kicks off the show in style; The Piedmont Pals feature Verlin Clifton, the last man standing of the Round Peak musicians; Paul Brown demonstrates how crystal clear Peluso microphones are; Sadie, our joke-telling hero, helps save the day; Hans, the lovable labrador from Chateau Morrisette makes sure wine is on the gift list for Mother’s Day; Elizabeth sings a duet with her mother Sandy LaPrelle for Mother’s Day; Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes play songs from their latest record; Paul Brown & Terri McMurray celebrate the many uses of forks; The Buck Stops Here performs; Anna’s dad, Geoffrey Gevalt reads a poem; we say goodbye to Anna & Elizabeth as hosts and they sign off with the Hazel Dickens classic Won’t You Come & Sing For Me.

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