The Floyd Radio Show Podcast: October 1, 2016

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Season 6, Episode 2

Hosts: Mike Gangloff
Special Guests: Richie & Rosie, Jim Lloyd, The Thundering Tardigrades (Mary Jane Epps, David & Mary Winston & Joseph DeJarnette), Matt Peyton, Rob LaPrelle & Ralph Berrier
Writers: Rob LaPrelle, Ralph Berrier & Mike Gangloff

On this episode of the Floyd Radio Show: Richie & Rosie perform, Jasper Jenkins’ Pollster Zap provides a preventative solution during this election season, Jim Lloyd tells a story about EC Ball and performs Pretty Polly, The Thundering Tardigrades perform, the Exuberance Diet proves happiness is the key to losing weight, Mike Gangloff & Matt Peyton perform The Blind Man’s Lament, Richie Stearns tells a hilarious Halloween-time bad luck story, and the full cast performs a couple waltzes to celebrate fall time.

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