Blackeyed Girl

Mac Traynham's Tune of the Week

Here are a couple of recordings of a tune called Blackeyed Girl.

William Marshall’s fiddle version has a nice syncopated bow lick in it while Arnold’s is straighter but rushed sounding, as you’ll hear. Also included are two separate banjo versions of the tune.

I retired in June from being self-employed. I draw enough to live on and to work on building banjos mainly now.

Currently, I’m building my first Gibson knockoff L-00 and I hope to have it playable by Thanksgiving.  

I’m COVID weary but still doing a little playing, as you can see from all the Friday Night Jamboree live stream videos from The Floyd Country Store.

FYI, My son Ben is a graphic designer who is updating my website using some of those photos and videos I’ve shared on Facebook, and while it’s not quite ready to share yet it should be updated in a month or so.

Arnold Spangler and Laurel Fork Travelers
Dan Tate

Here’s the version of Blackeyed Girl I heard first by Arnold Spangler and the Laurel Fork Travelers. 

And a fiddle recording by William Marshall, followed by a banjo version to compliment it:

Dan Tate – most famous for old-time songs:

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