Callahan (Version 2)

Mac Traynham's Tune of the Week

So this week’s tune is called “Callahan”. This one is from the playing of William (Bill) Shelor. I first heard it on the LP recording on the Heritage label called “Eight Miles Apart” that features two of the families from our local area that were prolific players of our kind of music in their lifetimes, namely, the Kimbles and the Shelor families. I am always going back to their recordings for great listening music and to learn special versions and new ‘old’ tunes from.  

This is one that needs playing more. Interesting syncopated bowing on the B part. You don’t hear that on the Heritage recording rendition with piano back-up. Someone  please share that.  I don’t have a digital version. Thanks.

Callahan by William Shelor

Response from Clay Shelor

This is the whole Shelor family playing “Callahan” with piano. My grandmother, Clarice on piano, my grandfather, Jesse Shelor on fiddle and my father, James Shelor on guitar. This is the first tune Grandad said he learned and the last he played as an old man.

Callahan by the Shelor Family
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