Amber Collins & Branch House Pavilion Live April 25

Branch House Pavilion

Join us Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 8:00pm for a live show with Amber Collins & Branch House Pavilion with special guest Johnny Williams. Tickets are $10 online or at the store. Every ticket purchased will receive a copy of Amber Collins and Branch House Pavilion’s new CD!

About Amber Collins & Branch House Pavilion

Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams

In May of 2014, Amber Collins along with Floyd, VA area musicians Abe Goorskey (mandolin) and Scott Patrick (guitar), decided to put together a trio to be able to play a wider variety of music in a smaller package compared to the band formats they were used to in the past. This setting provides an opportunity for folks to hear a lot more originals along with their favorite country, gospel, folk, americana, bluegrass, and acoustic rock songs picked up along the way!

“Amber is a strong singer, in the process of developing a distinctive style all her own. Her voice is pitched high, closer to a true soprano than has been common in bluegrass of late, and it makes for a sound refreshingly outside the modern grass mainstream. She is given to ‘Reba-like’ vowel sounds, another trait we hear only rarely in the bluegrass realm.” ~ John Lawless-Bluegrass Today

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