Floyd Country Store Cafe Celebrates Over 500 Pay-It-Forwards Sold

Floyd Country Store Cafe Checkout

As a key business of Floyd, VA, The Floyd Country Store considers supporting its community an integral part of its mission. One way that the store does this is through a Pay-It-Forward initiative, which allows customers to purchase a $5 coupon that can be redeemed for a meal by anyone that needs it.

“I know families and folks in the community that struggled to feed themselves and their families,” says Heather Krantz, co-owner of the store. A few years ago, Krantz began the program after hearing of other places around the country supporting their communities with similar initiatives. The way it works is simple: people purchase a coupon to leave at the counter for someone who will come into the store looking for one, and occasionally someone will come in and buy a handful to give to folks that they think could use them outside of the store.

Pay it Forward Ticket

So far, the Pay-It-Forward program has been well-supported. “Its been great to see how the community has responded,” says Krantz. “It’s also really amazing to see the honesty and integrity the community has around the program. I never have seen anyone ask for coupon that did not sincerely seem to need it, and it shows what an exceptional community we live in.”

The coupons might be given to those who come in who are clearly hungry and struggle to pay for their meal. Krantz remembers a few of these moments, “It is so heart warming to see their response when we tell them about the program and that their meal is paid for already.” Other times there are large families that come in to the store who can afford a few meals, and will only use the coupons they need so that they can enjoy eating out together. “I think it is a real issue for larger families to be able to afford to go out to eat and it’s nice to see them getting a chance to do that all together!” says Krantz.

Especially during the holiday season and in the cold winter months, it is important to remember the true spirit of giving, especially to those in need. One of the ways to contribute to those less fortunate is through the Pay-It-Forward program which will provide warm, healthy and filling meals through the Floyd Country Store Cafe. The coupons can be purchased at The Floyd Country Store in person, or through the Store’s website at FloydCountryStore.com.

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