Floyd Country Store Featured in Film “Geographically Desirable”

Exterior Storefront at Night

Downtown Floyd is featured in the upcoming independent film “Geographically Desirable.” We had a great time with the scene at the country store!

About the Film (from geographicallydesirable.net): 

Meet Nicole. She works the overnight shift at a TV news network in Washington, DC. Even though Nicole is sleepy most all the time, she really loves her job, to the exclusion of most other things. Don’t give Nicole a plant; it won’t survive!

Nicole’s Uncle Eddie who lives in a small town dies suddenly. When she attends the funeral, Nicole discovers that he left her both his house and his dog. Responsibilities she didn’t seek and doesn’t want. She decides to keep Charlie the dog, but sell the house. In the process of selling the house though, the people of this small quirky town grab her and won’t let go in their kindness to her. What’s with these people?

Geographically Desirable was filmed in Washington, DC and Floyd Virginia. This independent romantic comedy feature film will be completed June 2014. From there, it’s on to the festival circuit.

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