Farewell Lora Slusher

Lora Slusher

For over 8 years, Lora has been a part of the Floyd Country Store staff family. This month Lora will embark on a journey across the country with a final destination of Alaska, a long way from Floyd. It’s hard to imagine not having her here on a regular basis but we know she will never truly be gone.

Over seven years ago, Dylan and I became the caretakers of the Floyd Country Store and with that, we inherited a beautiful group of individuals who are responsible for making sure the Store runs smoothly day in and day out.  Now many of them have moved on but, one person in particular has stayed through good and hard times. This person gives everything they have to make sure the store continues to be of service to our community of musicians, dancers, visitors and locals alike.  Today, with so much gratitude, we send her on her way to start the next chapter of her journey.

Lora Slusher has never been a stranger to the store.  Her Grandmother Iva, a local musician, started bringing Lora to the Friday Night Jamborees when she was very young.  She learned to dance and even sang on stage for a contest one night where she won a pair of bib overalls. She was a friend to all the regulars who gathered each week including the owner at the time, Freeman Cockram, in the 80’s when it was Cockram’s General Store.

Lora, we are eternally grateful for your years of service and care and for the love you have shown to all of us and your community.  Thank you for giving us all you got! We love you and wish you all the best in your travels and beyond.  We can’t wait to get the postcards and to hear about your journey!

  • Heather & Dylan and your FCS Family
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