Handmade Music School Fall Workshops

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The Handmade Music School is dedicated to teaching old time, bluegrass and traditional music and dances from Floyd County, Virginia and throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. Join us for the following music workshops in Fall 2018:

  • September 1: Bluegrass Improvisation Workshop with Abe Goorskey and Scott Patrick
  • September 4: Intermediate Live Sound Workshop with Joseph DeJarnette
  • September 15: Intermediate Fiddle Workshop with Eddie Bond
  • September 23: Intermediate Fiddle Workshop with Erynn Marshall
  • September 23: Intermediate Guitar Workshop with Carl Jones
  • September 29: Intermediate Banjo Workshop with Jared Boyd
  • October 2: Intermediate Live Sound Workshop with Joseph DeJarnette
  • October 27: Flatfoot Dance Workshop with Martha Spencer
  • November 3: Guitar Workshop with Trevor McKenzie
  • November 8: Banjo Workshop with Adam Hurt (rescheduled from September 13)
  • November 10: Music of Our Mountains Workshop with with Mac Traynham, Jenny Traynham, and Andy Buckman
  • November 17: Songwriters Workshop with Jeff McClellan and Scott Patrick
  • November 24: Limberjack Decorating & Dancing
  • November 29: Bass Workshop with Missy Raines
  • December 4: Intermediate Live Sound Workshop with Joseph DeJarnette
  • December 8: Vocal Workshop with Alice Gerrard
  • December 15: Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle Workshop with Earl White
  • December 29: Beginners Ukulele with Ash Devine
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