Handmade Music School Workshops Spring 2019

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The Handmade Music School is dedicated to teaching old time, bluegrass and traditional music and dances from Floyd County, Virginia and throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. Join us for the following music workshops in Spring 2019:

  • March 30: Ukulele 101 Workshop with David Cannaday
  • April 7: Intermediate Banjo Workshop with Bertram Levy
  • April 13: Old Time & Bluegrass Mandolin Workshops with Adam Tanner
  • April 13: Beginner Flatfooting Workshop with Gina Dilg
  • April 25: Round Peak Banjo Workshop with Adam Hurt
  • April 27: Back-up Guitar Workshop with John Schwab
  • May 4: Vocal Duets Workshop with Frank and Allie Lee
  • May 11: Limberjack Workshop with Linda Ewing
  • May 11: Intermediate Bluegrass Banjo Workshop with Bobby Maynard
  • May 18: Old Time Bass Workshop with Stephanie Wolf
  • June 1: Autoharp Workshop with John Hollandsworth
  • June 7: Weekend Clogging and Flatfoot Workshop with Linda Block
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