Happy Mother’s Day from The Floyd Country Store

Mother's Day 2020

What a gift it is to be a mother! To have the opportunity to create and carry a new life into the world is an honor and a service. Some of us are lucky enough to get to experience being a mother first hand in a traditional mother-child relationship, and some in other less traditional ways. I’ve heard many old-timey stories of strong women in these mountains who took in children who were not theirs by birth and raised them as their own. I see many grandmothers in this community who are the primary caretakers of their grandchildren and many mothers who choose to foster and adopt children who are needing families to care for them. I personally feel like we have many “mothers” who look after Dylan and me through our Floyd Country Store family.  So many of them have been sending us cards and messages during this time when we can not get together. We feel incredibly cared for!  

This week we want to honor all mothers for their strength, wisdom, selflessness, and courage.  We encourage all of you to do the same, whether you have a “traditional” or “nontraditional” kind of mother or several mother figures in your life. Be sure to take a moment to show them your gratitude however you choose. Take good care! We are certainly missing so many of your smiling faces! 

~ Heather and Dylan

Our Staff and Their Moms

Autumn Vaughn and Mom

Autumn Vaughn

This is my mom and I. She’s so special to me because she supports me in everything I do and constantly pushes me to be my very best. I admire how strong and hardworking she always is. She means the world to me 🙂

Layla Whitlock and Mom

Kayla Whitlock

I find my mom particularly special because she really is a professional at being a Mom. She not only has raised me and my biological brother with an abundance of pure love but she opened her home to my adopted brother and countless foster children. She is widely known as “Mama Kim.” Every day I am inspired and grateful she has the ability to exude more love than I have ever experienced out of any other human being.

Rachel Blankenship mom

Rachel Blankenship

 I chose to share a photo of Mom when she was my age. We could be twins. I’m a lot like her. We’re both hyper, we love playing music and dancing, we love smiling and making people laugh and we’re strong. My mom is a fantastic Nana to my son and she is the most incredible mom I could ever ask for.  She is fighting COVID-19 right now and she is showing us all just how strong she is. I’d give anything for one of her hugs. I love you, Mom. Hang in there! 

Beth Deskins Moms

Beth Deskins

 Here is a picture of 3 important women to me.  Behind me is my mom, Jean Hankins, who is special to me, very giving and supportive.  Love my momma!  Beside me is my “other mother”, my mom’s older sister.  She didn’t have biological children, but she had many children.  This is our first Mother’s Day without Aunt Eula.  Behind her is my older sister Celesta Sargent.  She has 3 children and two grandchildren.  She is ready to help anyone at any time, especially her little sister!

Lily Dowd and Mom

Lily Dowd

Here is a picture of my mom and me. She’s definitely my best friend and the kindest person I know.

Lilly Light and Mom

Lilly Light

This is my mom, Audrey. She is always so patient and loving towards me and others and always finds time to show that she loves me.

Lizzie Finn and Mom

Lizzie Finn

This is my mom and my grandma. What I find so special about them is the fact that they have always shown me unconditional love and support through everything I’ve done. I would not be who I am today without them.

Gina Dilg and her mom

Gina Dilg

I’m the luckiest daughter in the world for having Sharon Andreucci as my mother. She has always encouraged me through her caring and creativity and loved my sister and me unconditionally. Her laughter is a delight, and she is a beam of sunshine for everyone around her.

Virginia Neukirch

Virginia Neukirch

A picture of my Mom and me many years ago. My Mom taught me really good money skills. She had to be good with money; I come from a family of 9. She used to have a bank on her dresser, and she just put dimes in it. Once she had enough dimes to buy herself a ticket to Hawaii from NY.  It all adds up!

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