Honky Tonk Thursday Schedule Update

Honky Tonk Thursday / Small Town Summer Update

Small Town Summer season is finally here! Starting June 1, Honky Tonk Thursdays will switch to every other week (instead of weekly), and Small Town Summers will take place on the alternating Thursdays:

June 1 – Honky Tonk Thursday
June 8 – Small Town Summer
June 15 – Honky Tonk Thursday
June 22 – Small Town Summer
June 29 – Honky Tonk Thursday

(And so on…)

On Small Town Summer days, come to The Floyd Country Store for dinner, dessert, or a snack! Dine in or take it to-go to the Warren G. Lineberry park to enjoy while you watch the show. If you’re craving ice cream, grab a cone, cup, milkshake, or float from The Soda Fountain!

Learn more about Small Town Summer on its official Facebook page here.

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