Local Artist Howard Wenger’s Artwork in The Soda Fountain

Howard Wenger

We are proud to showcase local artist Howard Wenger’s work in The Soda Fountain! His collection “Floyd Musings” was inspired by his experiences with gardening and farming in Floyd. Stop by The Soda Fountain to view the collection, and enjoy an ice cream if you’re in the mood for a treat!


Painting transports me to a place of wonder and discovery. In the work I express what I see, feel, and imagine. Often, the painting reveals itself as I work on it. It is both an escape and an education. I am delighted to share the results with everyone who will take the time to look.

A few years ago a friend of mine suggested that I needed to decide whether I wanted to be a farmer or an artist. I had just shown her some of my paintings and also pictures of new grape vines and blueberry bushes. I let her statement settle within me for a minute and then the questions exploded: What about Wendell Berry? And what about Monet? A farmer and poet and a beautiful gardener! And who was it that said he lived with his head or was it his heart in the stars and his feet on the ground?

When I came to Floyd I thought I would retire and paint. But the land called out to me and an atavistic urge rose up inside me to plant and grow. And I began to go from the garden to the studio and back to the garden and have felt these divine graces feeding each other and feeding me. Is my head in the stars when I am in the studio or is it when I am in the garden? Are my feet on the ground when I have my hands in the soil or with a paint brush? I invite you to share my thoughts, dreams, hopes, and sometimes bewilderment that I am calling Floyd Musings.

— Howard Wenger

For further conversation write to Howard at howenger@gmail.com.

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