Meet Our New Team Members!

David Grimsley and Sue Bibeau

We are so excited to have two new team members joining us this year: David Grimsley and Sue Bibeau!

David Grimsley is Handmade Music School’s new Community Outreach Coordinator, and Sue Bibeau is the new Marketing Director for The Floyd Country Store and Handmade Music School.


David is a staple of the Floyd community with a background in Appalachian cultural exploration and preservation.

A Beaufort, South Carolina native, David developed an interest in music at an early age and started playing guitar around age 12. Alongside his passion for music, he is interested in herbalism, culture, innovation, farming, mathematics, and history. He majored in Agricultural Archaeology at Guilford College, which he describes as the study of “the tools and methods early civilizations used to create their realities.”

In 2007, he moved to Floyd, where he homesteads with his lovely partner and two amazing children.

David was drawn to Handmade Music School because he is interested in bridging the gap between music, culture, and hands-on life skills. He is also passionate about community engagement, and is excited about the ways in which his new role will bring him closer to the ever-evolving Floyd community.

“I think HMS offers incredible opportunities to connect the community at a time when communities can be easily fractured,” says David. “I’m excited to assist with the evolution of HMS by introducing classes that encourage relationship building and community resilience.”

  • Instrument of choice: I’m a guitar player but I secretly love the fretless gourd banjo. I also fool around on the dobro.
  • Favorite bluegrass song: Fox on the Run
  • Favorite old time song: Black Mountain Rag
  • Go-to Floyd Country Store Cafe order: Chicken Salad Sandwich on toasted Big Indian Farm Bread
  • Favorite Soda Fountain order: The Buffalo Gal


Sue is a life-long music enthusiast and the co-founder of Beehive Productions, an audio / visual content production company for independent artists, media organizations, festivals and broadcasters. She specializes in web design and graphic design.

Originally from New England, Sue moved to Floyd in 2020. She and her husband made the move from the Adirondacks, where they had lived for the last 25 years. They now live in Indian Valley with their two dogs, three cats, and “boat load” of chickens.

Though she isn’t a musician (yet), Sue has been a music lover all her life. She loves bluegrass and old time, but she considers herself a fan of all different kinds of music. In many ways, her love of music has guided her life path.

After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a degree in illustration and graphic design, she started working as a graphic designer for EMI Records. There, she met her husband and business partner. They founded Beehive Productions in 1996.

About her new role, Sue says, “I love to see how the Store and HMS are keeping traditions alive and engaging with the community in a meaningful, giving way. I’m excited to be a part of that, and to be part of a team that’s such a positive force. The Store is a cultural hub and a community hub. It’s a place where people can be in touch with and learn the traditions of Appalachian music and culture, and it’s unique. You don’t find many places that are a living museum.”

  • Instrument of choice: Fiddle
  • Favorite old time song: John Brown’s Dream
  • Go-to Floyd Country Store Cafe order: Tempeh Reuben

  • Favorite Soda Fountain order: Spotted Pony
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