Retail Spotlight: Peluso Microphone Lab

Peluso Microphone at the Floyd Country Store

Did you know that some of the world’s greatest microphones are built in Floyd County, VA?

The Peluso Microphone Lab is located in Floyd, and their mics are sold at The Floyd Country Store!

After decades of vintage microphone repair, John Peluso founded Peluso Microphone Lab in 2002, producing a line of new microphones dedicated to the memory of some of the finest microphones ever made.

Peluso Microphone Lab recreated the original sound quality and performance of these classic microphones, at a price making them accessible to recording studios of all levels. Peluso Microphone Lab is dedicated to durable build quality, hand assembly, and the best possible sound quality. John has improved on noise floor, SPL, and RF rejection by using the highest quality components currently available. True to his inspiration, he has never swapped out vacuum tubes for FETs, or transformers for transistors. Today with 18 microphone models in current production Peluso Microphone Lab continues to bring vintage sound to new life in studios all around the world!

The Lonesome River Band uses all Peluso microphones. Tune in to Floyd Country Store TV on November 12th, 2022 at 7:00 PM to see the show!

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