Sounds of The Floyd Country Store

For a limited time we are offering two of our most popular CDs for a low price of $20, a 30% savings off the regular price. The two-CD set features music by artists Janet Turner and Costa, Campbell & Lloyd, recorded live at the store. Track lists include:

Janet Turner: When My Time Comes

  1. If Teardrops Were Pennies
  2. Don’t Be Angry
  3. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
  4. Roses In The Snow
  5. Ocean Of Diamonds
  6. Don’t Neglect The Rose
  7. Gold Watch And Chain
  8. Prayer Bells Of Heaven
  9. Matthew 24
  10. When My Time Comes To Go
  11. Keep On The Sunny Side

 Costa, Campbell & Lloyd: Live at The Floyd Country Store

  1. Whoop’em Up Cindy
  2. Rise When the Rooster Crows
  3. I am a Pilgrim (Jim Lloyd)
  4. Tin Man Story (Jimmy Costa)
  5. Wreck of the Number 5
  6. Nelson County Flood (Mark Campbell)
  7. Times is Getting Harder
  8. Polly Put the Kettle On
  9. Piney Woods Gal of North Carolina
  10. Watermelon Story (Jimmy Costa)
  11. Bake that Chicken Pie
  12. Poor Little Thing Cried Mammy
  13. Over the Mountain
  14. Victory Rag (Jim Lloyd)/Jimmy Sleeping (Mark Campbell)/Lady Fireman (Jimmy Costa)
  15. Hold the Wood-pile Down
  16. Pomeranian Story (Jim Lloyd)
  17. Ox in the Mud
  18. I’ll Tickle Nancy

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