The Black Twig Pickers

The Black Twig Pickers

The Black Twig Pickers is an Appalachian old-time band consisting of Mike Gangloff on fiddle/banjo/jawharp/vocals; Nathan Bowles on banjo/percussion/vocals; Isak Howell on guitar/mouthharp/vocals; and Sally Anne Morgan on fiddle, flat-foot dancing, square dance calling, and vocals. They come from Shawsville and Blacksburg in Virginia and Lewisburg in West Virginia. The Black Twig Pickers have kicked up a fiddle and banjo, guitar and washboard ruckus for over a decade. When not traveling far and wide to perform, they are regular performers at the Friday Night Jamboree. The band specializes in regional old-time tunes learned from master players and from studying archival and home recordings. For dances, they are often joined by Sam Linkous on bass.

Their recent old-time album, Rough Carpenter has received excellent reviews and is an authentic taste of Appalachian old-time music.

Keep up with the band on their website or facebook.

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