Whitetop Mountain Band

Whitetop Mountain Band

The Whitetop Mountain Band is a family-based band from the highest mountains of Virginia. Whitetop, Virginia is an area rich in the old time music tradition, and this band has deep roots in mountain music. The members have done much to preserve the Whitetop region’s style of old time fiddling and banjo picking and are legendary musicians and teachers of the style.

The Whitetop Mountain Band is well known for their high energy and charisma on stage. Their shows are very versatile and entertaining containing everything from fiddle/banjo instrumentals to powerful solos and harmony vocals on blues, honky tonk, traditional bluegrass numbers, old timey ballads, originals, and four part mountain gospel songs.

Thornton Spencer (fiddle), Martha Spencer (guitar, fiddle, banjo, vocals), Jackson Cunningham (mandolin and vocals), Emily Spencer (banjo and vocals), Debbie Bramer (bass), Spencer Pennington (guitar and vocals).

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Rooster Crowing Blues

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