Bill McKibben at The Floyd Country Store

Ecologist and philosopher Bill McKibben shared a sense of urgency and hope with a capacity crowd at The Floyd Country Store on Tuesday morning.

Bill McKibben: the Future, 350 and Floyd
by Fred on MAY 29, 2009

It’s taken me a few days to tell you about the Tuesday event at the Floyd Country Store with Bill McKibben. Even so, a shorter version than I’d like, so much left out.

Bill McKibben, still jet-lagged from his recent arrival from Australia and New Zealand, spoke twice in the area on Tuesday, May 23–first at the Country Store to a standing-room-only crowd and later in the afternoon, to the Community Foundation in Blacksburg.

I was pleased to attend the 8:00 breakfast and as fate would have it, put my plate next to somebody’s dayplanner and sat down. Turns out, the planner was Bill’s and we had a very nice conversation for the better part of the first half hour of the morning.

He seemed genuinely tired of being on the road. “Guess that’s the price of success” I said. He’d mentioned how proud he was of his daughter and how he was happy at least for Skype to bridge the miles of separation.


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