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Exterior Storefront at Night

The Floyd Country Store was featured in an article by Collegiate Times on April 3, 2014.

Floyd Country Store revives old time music

Hayden Roberts, lifestyles staff writer
Katrina Spinner-Wilson, lifestyles staff writer

The Floyd Country Store doesn’t just sell food and merchandise.

It also attracts visitors from near and far who gather to listen and dance to old time music during the “Friday Night Jamboree.”

“There’s a tradition in small rural Appalachian communities that music is played very often at the country store,” said William “Woody” Crenshaw, owner of the establishment.

Crenshaw and his wife, Jackie, bought and renovated the Floyd Country Store to bring back an aspect of reality that had been forgotten.

“I fall into the category, like my wife does, of people who appreciate the authenticity that we so often lack in our 21st century culture,” Crenshaw said.

The store has not only brought the community together, but it has attracted people from all over the world because of its unique music, products and old-timey feel.

Even though it seems like only the older generations would like the jamboree, it has attracted people of all ages.

“I think one of the interesting things is it’s drawing more and more young people from both Tech and Radford,” Crenshaw said.

Skip Pendrey, the soundboard operator and a longtime attendee of the “Friday Night Jamboree,” said that he has traveled to many places but has never experienced anything quite like the country store.

“I was in the Navy for 28 years, I’ve been all over the world a number of times, and there’s never, in any place, been a place like Floyd Country Store,” Pendrey said.

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