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Floyd Country Store Instrument Magnet

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I would describe myself as a pure hobbyist who likes extremely fine intricate details. I love designing custom wood jewelry, magnets, and ornaments. I use a very simple laser-like glow-forge to cut and engrave the wood, but one still has to sand, clean, stain, and finish it by hand. I get most of my wood from stores cabinet shops and luthiers who have scrap wood. Then I usually cut it to size with a chop saw, table saw or band saw. Working with wood and making a design with it that I drew up, is very rewarding and it helps alleviate and do away with the stresses of the world, especially in these. days and times. The most rewarding thing to me is making some knick-knack for a friend or family member and they say; "you made that? Wow!" Check out my website:

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