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Katherine Chantal The Seven Gateways To Kindness

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Many of us were taught as children to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us,” but we weren’t generally taught how to “do unto ourselves as we would do unto others?” If we believe that we embody God/The Divine, how can we not treat ourselves with kindness, with at least as much care as we would treat a friend or a loved one? This is one of the primary questions that Katherine Chantal addresses in her new book, The Seven Gateways to Kindness, which chronicles her lifelong journey to remember “the part of me that forgets it is part of the whole.” I am fascinated with Katherine’s approach to a life goal of deeper kindness. Walking along with her through these seven gateways of Interconnectedness, Inclusion, Soul searching, Kind-sight, Forgiveness and ultimately Grace and Inheritance, I have come to a deeper appreciation of these portals and the depth they offer.—Martha Taylor

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