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Red Rooster Coffee Jumpin Jamboree

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Roasted dark, this coffee is sweet and syrupy with notes of rich chocolate and creamy hazelnut. A clean
and balanced cup. This coffee is grown on several small organic farms in Marcala, Honduras, and is
produced by Fair Trade certified COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala, S.A.).
ORIGIN Marcala, La Paz, Honduras
ABOUT | Produced by Fair Trade certified COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala, S.A.), this coffee is grown on
a number of small organic farms in Marcala, Honduras. Roasted dark, this coffee is sweet and syrupy
with notes of rich chocolate and creamy hazelnut and a clean and balanced cup.
COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala, S.A.) was founded in the year 2000 by 60 Honduran coffee farmers who
joined together with common goals: to transform their farms from conventional to organic production
and to directly export their coffee. In 2001, fostered by a foundation called FUNDER, they earned their
organic certification from Bio Latina. This has enabled them to market their coffee to more international
buyers and realize better selling prices. In February 2006, COMSA applied for and was granted Fair Trade
certification status.
In recent years, COMSA has grown to well over 1000 member farmers, focusing on economic, social, and
environmental goals to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. They fund many social
projects including paying teachers’ salaries and purchasing school supplies.
COMSA is home to an innovative experimental farm called La Fortaleza where the members come
together to exchange ideas with other growers. The philosophy of COMSA’s organic vision emphasizes
the “5 Ms”: (organic) Material, Microorganisms, Minerals, (living) Molecules, and (gray) Matter or brain
power. All five are essential to healthy soil.

This flavorful decaf blend is an earthy, chocolatey crowd pleaser with light acidity and caramel
sweetness. Produced by Sol & Café FTO Cooperative in Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru, this coffee is
decaffeinated in Mexico using Mountain Water Process (MWP), a chemical free and indirect method for
removing caffeine. This process gently removes the caffeine while keeping the coffee's flavor
compounds in place.
ORIGIN Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru
PROCESS Mountain Water Washed
ROAST Medium- Dark
ABOUT | The Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples Sol & Café Ltda (Coop Sol & Café) was established in
March of 2008 to unite over 1,000 farmers, including rice and cacao producers, in Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru.
The cooperative was originally formed to collectively make agronomic and economic decisions with
goals to protect the environment and help the local communities develop and progress. The coop
members continue to work towards increasing the sustainability of their crops with a focus on
maintaining Organic and Fair Trade certifications.

Sol & Café collaborates with Cooperativa Agrícola de Servicios Múltiples Norandino, an umbrella coop
that prepares coffee for export and ensures traceability and quality control throughout the post-harvest
process. Norandino boasts one of the most state-of-the-art dry mill operations in Northern Peru along
with a fully staffed and SCA certified cupping lab and training facility.
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