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Sharp Top by: Carolyn Tyree Feagans

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Follow a young teenager’s journey of faith that takes her to the autumn of her years and strikes a chord for all as it unashamedly delves into the brevity of life and its deeper meaning. However, it also describes the devastating ills of depression and alcoholism as Joellen Thaxton faces such challenges and ultimately rebels. This story moves up in time, focusing on the fabulous fifties- a unique period with coonskins, hula-hoops, teen-age hops, and the climatic birth of rock and roll. Though known as the happy days, brooding undercurrents of the cold war, communism, and “the bomb” plagued the area, and Joellen had her own fears! But on a lighter side, it takes you on a delightful trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway in an RV, describing it in meticulous detail.

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