The Man Who Moved A Mountain


Local History.

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Bob Childress (1890-1956)  was a Presbyterian minister who brought civility to the Buffalo Mountain area of Floyd-Carroll Counties during the 1920-30’s. A man of many talents who could have chosen anywhere for his ministry instead chose the rough backward area of this part of Appalachia to raise his family and live his life. This interesting story is told in the book “The Man Who Moved a Mountain” by Richard Davids, Fortress Press, First Printing 1970. The book is in its 6th Printing and is still the best seller of all material sold on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sightseers still take the off roads to find and visit the rock churches built by his congregations during his life. In all there were 6 with 5 still remaining Presbyterian to this day. The church at Willis Va. is Baptist now.  Bob died in 1956 at 66 years old of overwork and continuously running to serve his rock churches.  His home church, Buffalo Mountain Presbyterian, is still served by his son Bryan, in his early eighties. It is a beautiful well preserved facility to be out in the middle of nowhere. The cemetery across from the church contains Bob, family members and many of the mountain people mentioned in the book who helped him succeed in his mission. After reading the book and seeing the tombstones of the major characters one may feel a personal relationship with these people who lived in a different era not so long ago.

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