Black Twig Pickers: Rough Carpenters


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The Black Twig Pickers are a group defined by their forward thinking approach to a type of music most often associated with times gone by. Over the course of eight full-length records, including collaborative releases with Jack Rose and Charlie Parr, a split LP with Glenn Jones, and numerous EPs and singles, the group has established itself as a collection of dedicated practioners of old time music re-cast and shaped by their appreciation of modern improvisation, drone, and punk. While not at odds with the experimental scene that has fostered them or the old time circles they travel in, The Black Twig Pickers thrive in the in-betweenness of those two worlds, proving that the exploration of the outmost bounds of sound and the exploration of decades old tradition and community aren’t as different as one might think.


  1. Blind Man’s Lament
  2. Rough Carpenters
  3. Little Rose
  4. Banks of the Arkansas
  5. Elkhorn Ridge
  6. The Poplar Pole
  7. Where the Whippoorwills are Whispering Goodnight
  8. You Play the High Card and I’ll Play the Ace
  9. Old Christmas Morning
  10. Roll on John
  11. Jack of Diamonds
  12. Charleston Girls
  13. Sift the Meal and Save the Bran
  14. I Can’t Stay Here By Myself
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