Whitetop Mountain Band: Music from the High Country


The Whitetop Mountain Band is a family-based band from the highest mountains of Virginia. Whitetop, Virginia is an area rich in the old time music tradition, and this band has deep roots in mountain music. The members have done much to preserve the Whitetop region’s style of old time fiddling and banjo picking and are legendary musicians and teachers of the style.


1. Ida Red
2. Virginia Creeper Line
3. Great Big Taters
4. Jole Blon
5. Golden Slippers
6. Honky Tonk Blues
7. Iron Mountain Breeze
8. Lafayette
9. Midnight on the Water
10. How Mountain Girls Can Love
11. God Gave You to Me
12. Somebody Loves You Darling
13. Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down
14. Angel Band

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